On 1-10-20

I seen, I recieved news in a dream about a well known, deeply loved leader who had died in the sand. I seen him in the spirit in his last days, he was lying there in anguish in the sand. My heart broke with such grief for this one was so special even to me. I knew I had recieved the news early. The words anguish and complacency rose from the sand as I seen there were marks left by this man. There was past health concern, and now again. This was done to preserve this man.

This man left his mark and died in the sand.

I have been instructed to share this dream, but not his name. It’s on the King’s record for this one was preserved for the Hall of Fame. I am careful to choose my words in such a place, but I believe one in the Kingdom will soon finish his race.
I woke and I cried out to God, I wept. I thought this must be symbolic, this death. (Many of my dreams are) This one seems different though and I fear the Lord. I thought we will watch and pray and see how this plays out then the Lord put a demand on my faith. Instructed to share now. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

This act will be done for preservations sake!

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