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My experience with the Psalms Passion Journey

As I was compelled to prophetically declare my way through the book of Psalms using The Passion Translation, God began to penetrate my heart in a new and deeper way. Although I have loved this book for many years, I have never prayed my way through this book quite like I did this time.

The Psalms Passion Journey became like a doorway of reviving for me. As the words written upon the pages began to unwrap God’s heart of love and mercy. This book is full of praises to God for His protection and defense!

 What delight comes to the one who follows God’s ways!
He won’t walk in step with the wicked,
nor share the sinner’s way,
nor be found sitting in the scorner’s seat.
 His pleasure and passion is remaining true to the Word of “I Am,”
meditating day and night in the true revelation of light.
He will be standing firm like a flourishing tree
planted by God’s design,
deeply rooted by the brooks of bliss,
bearing fruit in every season of his life.
He is never dry, never fainting,
ever blessed, ever prosperous.
Psalms 1:1-3 TPT

Oh the conviction that flooded my heart as I prayed and declared throughout this book of poetry! David, who is said to be after God’s own heart was not a perfect man. As a matter of fact I was shocked at times by his level of violent cries to His “Hero-God” as translated here. He was so full of fiery passion but also a man of war.

Man of War

Matthew 11:12 reads, ” And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.”

We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but to take these words and cry out for justice and recompense is an act of spiritual warfare. To cry out for the unborn, enslaved, and the orphans is our Christian duty. To be honest, I was not praying in quite such detail as I am since having taken this prayer journey. Petitioning God and asking Him to deal justly with wicked rulers is biblical and necessary.

Heart of Gratitude

Continuous cries of thanksgiving to Yahweh are woven throughout the chapters. Gratitude for provisions, protection, help, and vindication. David would poetically declare God to be his strength and shield. Proclaiming that God revealed Himself even in the Earth’s quakes and shaking.

Praising Him for all of His marvelous works pierced my ears as I allowed David’s praise and exaltation to become my own. It is easy for us to praise and adore God when He increases our prosperity or heals our sick body, but to praise Him for the moon and stars is quite another level.

But the Lord says, “Now I will arise!
I will defend the poor,
those who were plundered, the oppressed,
and the needy who groan for help.
I will arise to rescue and protect them!”

 For every word God speaks is sure and every promise pure.
His truth is tested, found to be flawless, and ever faithful.
It’s as pure as silver refined seven times in a crucible of clay.
 Lord, you will keep us forever safe,
out of the reach of the wicked.
Even though they strut and prowl,
tolerating and celebrating what is worthless and vile,
you will still lift up those who are yours! Psalm 12:5-8 TPT


The Word of God is alive, it is living, supernatural and able to quicken our mortal bodies, and strengthen our inner man. Praying through the Word of God, and even speaking it out loud shifts atmospheres and penetrates hearts, even of the one reading! The Psalms Passion Journey brought new passion to my prayer life as well as my journey with the Lord. God bless!

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The Groan

We must learn to trust the discerning Spirit of God in you. When we recieve a word, dream, thoughts, whatever the case, even if coming from well meaning Christian’s, the accountability and responsibility to discern the Voice of the Holy Spirit is with you.
Well meaning believers can speak out of their own fears, anxieties and worries, or even worse from a religous spirit. This is a powerful lesson I have learned. Warnings given, words spoken over your life carry power- all words carry power. We are to discern if they are of God’s Holy Spirit or the enemy’s or the human soul.

Even though most people mean well and may even be people of prayer, the written word, they stand from a different position; looking at your life from outside, not inwardly. When the Spirit of God gives the insight from the inside into anothers life, it is Truth and Truth is truth. But when the human soul stands from an outside perspective and looks at your life, your choices, where you are it is important to understand that they could be worried for you, confused about what you are doing, or anxious, fearful, even jealous or insecure.

Wisdom from the Word

We are commanded in the Bible to be slow to speak and quick to listen. ( Jam. 1:19)
There is a time to speak and a time for silence. ( Eccl.3:7)
So Jesus said, “When you lift up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am He, and I do nothing on My own initiative, but I speak these things as the Father taught Me. ( John 8:28)
• ignoring/ not discerning the voice of God can bring consequences and cause sufferings unnecessarily.
• trying to recieve a word/warning that you do not believe came from God is highly dangerous.
• You can shut down your own giftings by trusting man over the Spirit of God in you. Dont ignore the checks.
• God gives hearing ears

Other believers, no matter how well meaning, even leaders will at times speak from their soulish insight and put a religous or spiritual sound in their perspective. When these words come to your ears, you must be mature enough to take it before God. If it does not resonate with your spirit and is not confirmed by God- trust Gods spirit in you- not them.
This may sound simple, but in moments when your broken, or going through a season of hardship it is easy to trust another believer over your own self. However if you are in right standing and right communication with God and you get checked then you must learn to trust your own “gut”. Your well.

Recieving from God can depend on willingness of recieving from others. Don’t miss out on God’s speaking into your life due to unbelief or lack of discerning His voice.

Study to show yourself approved

As a young believer I was taught through good well meaning people to allow my voice to be silenced time and time again. I was taught that spiritual gifts were meant for the prayer closet only, and any speaking or releasing words, even scriptures could anger or harm people. This became a bondage of fear over my life for many years, even when being called to preach. When God calls you to be a voice and yet those around you teach you to be silent; what will you choose?

Accountability and Responsibility

Accountability and Responsibility is a big part of PURIFYING. We are always first and foremost accountable to God Almighty above any man. We are RESPONSIBLE to work out our own salvation in fear and trembling before God. You as well as I will stand before God Almighy and saying they told me not to speak will not work. You must SEEK, humbly and honestly; not eager or ambitious to speak, but humbly honestly walk before your God.
There are multiple spirits in the earth that cut off the true voice of God. It is time for a generation to FEAR GOD ABOVE MAN. Take the risk and when neccesary take the correction; but speak when God commands you to speak! Do not let fear, religion, or anothers fears silence you!


That being said, remember God is a God of order, and when it comes to being in a coorporate setting, submit to protocol. Above all remember Jesus spoke and ministered when many constantly commanded Him not to. Trust the Spirit of God in you and walk humbly before God. In all you do, do it as unto the Lord❤

There is a balance between fear of man and submission.

Freedom to speak

We are living in a time when the freedom of speech is under attack. Religous freedom is under fire. Whether it’s your employer, spiritual leader, or neighbor, without faith it is impossible to please God. God will test those He calls, we have to know the rules and protocol and really truly honor God by knowing when He is really impressing us to speak. Know when to break what man made rules in the days ahead!

Who will speak?

14 But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?15 And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is why the Scriptures say, “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!” Rom. 10:14-15

But if they had stood in My council, Then they would have announced My words to My people, And would have turned them back from their evil way And from the evil of their deeds. Jer. 3:22

God wants out! He is about to move! The righteous are bold as lions, and God is with their mouth!

Speak when He commands, be silent when He does not, and learn to know the difference🎯

God gives ears to hear, and eyes to see! Do you hear? Do you see? Cultivating the prophetic giftings in our lives is important to deepen our relationship with God. Watch this👇

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In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. 27 And he who searches our heartsknows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God. Roman’s 8:26-27

The water is breaking, the groans and travail of intercession have begun as many are consecrating themselves unto Me. Can I not birth a nation in a day? Have I not said that I can and will do it. Release your groans, release your cries, allow yourself to release cries on behalf of my Spirit on behalf of My people and yes even My nations.
In order to continue in this level of prayer, an entering into My Presence must be a top priority. Pushing back the things which distract and entering into My gates with Thanksgiving, yes then My Courts with praise. I am summoning you into My Gates to sit in gratitude, but do not stop to rest there for too long, for you have been SUMMONED into My Holy Courts. Stand before Me as the Righteous Judge who brings Justice yet again. Make your petitions known, converse with your Advocate and stand in opposition with your Accuser, for this I have pre ordained. That My Children’s cases be heard and their Accuser be found fraudulent. That the laws and precepts were already fulfilled by the Firstborn Son. Stand before Me, blameless, blood washed, Cleansed and Bold in knowing that I am for you. Enter in Beloved and let the inner groaning of My Spirit establish My righteousness in your midst.

Bible Study/Reading

Psalm 100:4-5
Roman’s 8
1 King’s 8:64
Isaiah 66:8
Ezekiel 8:16
Ezekiel 8:3
Ezekiel 10:3
2 King’s 21:5
1 John 2:1
Proverbs 31:8-9
1 Timothy 2:5

SUMMONED to the King’s Courts

Resources on how and what to Pray for our Nation – safe link😊👇

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