The Lord gave me a word and a vision the other day and I have been praying into it. 
The word was UPRIGHT. -To sit or stand with the back straight, upright posture -strictly honorable or honest-a post or rod fixed vertically, especially as a structural support

The Vision

Then came the vision…A man was standing there with his head down and the Lord spoke to him UPRIGHT MY SON!The mans posture changed not because of his ability to straighten up but because he surrendered to God and God in him gave him the ability. Just like in that third definition!🙌

How can we be gazing upon HIM when we are slouched in posture?  It is not our strength but Christ who strengthens us!  
UPRIGHT in who we are in Christ Jesus!  Honorable, honest, virtuous and righteous standing UPRIGHT as we surrender and let HIM be the rod fixed vertically to support us🙌


Be encouraged today straighten up even if you are going through a hard time.  FIX YOUR GAZE ON HIM and watch your countenance and posture change!

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