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There are modern tribes like the sons of Issachar rising and multiplying in the Kingdom in this time. They are companies of intercessors; apostolic and prophetic intercessory teams who have heard the alarm sound and answered the call to stand in the gap on behalf of a people. They are willing to make sacrifices in the secret. Willing to pray day and night, night and day as they stand upon their watchtowers to see what He will say to them.

The name Issachar means; hired servant, reward, compensation, benefit.

Issachar is a strong donkey,
Lying down between two burdens;
 He saw that rest was good,
And that the land was pleasant;
He bowed his shoulder to bear a burden,
And became a band of slaves. Genesis 49:14-15

The Donkey

A strong donkey, how would you like your father figures to prophetically assign this symbolic identity to you? As strange as it may sound, there are many who are genuinely saying, “yes I would”.  The donkey is a humble, lowly creature. Lacking a majestic appearance, this beast is created for labor. Not having any special skills or attributes that would cause desire or favor; the donkey is a servant to its master.

The Burden Bearer

Lying down between two burdens, willingly bowing the shoulder to bear the load. This is called a prophetic burden bearer. A prophetic burden bearer is one will stand in the gap while being taxed by heavens or assigned to carry a burden. Yes, we cast our cares upon the Lord because He cares for us; however, to be a prophetic burden bearer means you will have a continuous burden about a thing, situation or person until you pray it through, do the required warfare until victory comes.  

  The Prophet’s Dictionary says the prophetic burden-bearer is a term that describes the role of prophet-priests whereby they are primarily occupied by God with shouldering the loads of sin, or parts of them, or redemption of those they serve. The chief reason for this task is the providential mercies of God. He seeks to bring people to repentance and redemption and not destroy them. The role of the prophetic burden bearer is seen in symbiotic prophetics, and prophetic intercession.

  We can catch glimpses of this in manifestations in such ways as weeping, grieving, and travailing in prayer. There is a supernatural burden placed upon the one “interceding” and the Spirit manifests in various way. I believe the prophet Jeremiah was experiencing this when he said the word was like fire shut up in his bones. In other words, the word is in me and it burns until I speak it out. The sons of Issachar were made to be a band of slaves. Apostle Paul said, “I am a Slave of righteousness.” (Rom. 6:15-23)

Can We Tarry?

Praying through, tarrying, waiting upon the Lord are all phrases that require understanding of the posture of the heart. Has the church lost some of the grit those who have gone on before us had? Do we know how to get in the pit and fight for a brother or sister? Do we know how to tarry? Have we become such a microwave society that we have lost some of our ability for breakthrough? Maybe this is part of the reason we have seen so much delay in the promises and prophetic words over the last few years.

“And became a band of slaves”; God’s prophetic word spoken over these was to become slaves? That would be a curse or heresy in our present day, unless of course this precious oil sits on your life! Those with the anointing of Issachar understand the cost of the oil. They understand the price paid, the sacrifices required to please the Master because of the depth of intimacy with the Spirit, they have no trouble viewing all as worth it.

Rest was Good

  They saw that rest was good and the land was pleasant. These did not feel anxious, pressured or driven to have to be someone they were not, they were content in their relationship with God as well as their identity. They were not always on edge trying to make something happen, they knew the principle of rest and its benefit, that rest was good. Rest takes on many meanings and variables when applied to different areas. Our souls need rest, our bodies need rest, the land needs rest etc.…

  There are different ways to apply rest; something of which our culture is greatly lacking. Rest from your labors and trust God above to sustain. I remember when the Lord began dealing with me about a “Sabbath Rest Cycle”, it was like the calendar went haywire, the demand and expectation from others increased and I became very anxious in how I could possibly give up a day every week. Eventually through mercy, grace and prayer I determined in my heart that I could and would obey the Lord concerning rest.

The Land was Pleasant

This tribe had the positive eye! They seen the pleasantness, they seen the possibilities, they seen that which is good. Optimal Sight, “seeing rest as good and the land as pleasant”, oh how we need these kinds of tribes to multiply in our nation today! Many see toil, toil, labor, work, work and it is all going downhill anyway because God’s wrath is coming to scorch us all. This was not the way the sons of Issachar saw.

  Sight is such an interesting study, without vision people perish, but with the eye full of darkness the whole body will be dark. For us to understand the times and know what we ought to do we need three areas to align with heaven: our heart, mind, and mouth. We speak out of the abundance of our heart.

   What fills our heart depends on the renewing of our mind. If we fill our heart with negativity such as the local news or latest politics, then go study judgement; I assure you judgement will come from our mouth.   If we on the other had renew our minds with the balanced word of God while looking with a positive eye, we will lean more toward cries for mercy and grace.

Understanding Times and Seasons

 of the sons of Issachar who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their command. 1 Chronicles 12:32

The sons of Issachar were one of the twelve tribes of Israel. One of whom was equipped with understanding of the times and seasons. The Bible says they had understanding to know what Israel “ought” to do. All their brethren were at their command. Obviously, the tribe of Issachar had favor with the others; their brethren, or the brethren would not have “been at their command. This phrase shows a leadership role, but one that was respected, held in high esteem by those they were leading. When the sons of Issachar spoke, the others listened and gave heed to their instructions.

  Knowing what Israel ought to do could’ve been a very different situation had these not seen that rest was good and the land was pleasant. The instructions they would have given to the brethren at their command would have been different. The words we speak directly correlate to our perspective; our vision. How do you see? Do you see rest as good? Do you see the land as pleasant?

God Bless, thanks for reading. Be sure to subscribe and watch for part 2 next week.

Reference; The Prophet’s Dictionary

by Paula A. Price, PH. D


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  1. Jackie Evans says:

    My TRIBE❤️

  2. Karla Walter Murphy says:

    Awesome Word and teaching! May we all carry the burden to pray and be in tune with what the Lord would say! Let us all be servants of the Lord Jesus Christ and do His will!

  3. Daniel says:

    Thank you for this.
    I woke up Saturday hearing Sons of Issachar in my spirit 3 maybe 4 times. I didn’t know what it meant. I have been pressing into the secret place greatly. Tbis teaching confirms so much. I walk around my house and drive while i decree and declare this or that. I burn when i have to get a word out, my burden is for the lost. This message confimed so much to me. Thank you.
    -Dan Fallbrook, California

  4. Daniel says:

    Thank you so much for this teaching. I woke up Saturday December 7th 2019 hearing sons of issachar Sons of issachar Sons of issachar in my spirit. I had no idea what it meant. I have been pressing into the secret place greatly and unlocking some pretty amazing stuff. I’m also the type of person who burns when I got a message I need to share. I also have a heart to share the gospel and make it easily understandable so people get saved. Thank you so much for this teaching it confirms a lot I was unsure of what it meant but it all makes sense. Thank you
    – Daniel Fallbrook California

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