Being a new mom is a wonderful blessing. It effects all areas of your life. Not just your daily duties changes to your personality, the way you think, your time and your body.

Going through a lot of transitioning can be a little stressful. But we have to remember that we are still a daughter of the Most High!

The moment you realize your whole life is completely different now, and you have no clue what your doing can be overwhelming. I know it was for me and my husband.


But the days that you are lacking sleep, remember who the “Maker of Time” is.

The days of worry,

remember who your Comforter is.

The days of busyness,

remember who Guides you.

The days that are emotional,

remember who loves you.

The days of mistakes,

remember His grace.

My Becoming

As I go through daily challenges. And I talk to the Lord, it’s okay that I am in my “BECOMING”. It’s okay to take baby steps and love every moment of it.

Talking to one of my spiritual leaders which is a wonderful relationship to have in your life. Those days when your super stressed and scared. When you just need to vent and run the your Heavenly Father, but then enjoy the mentoring, the loving advice in the relationship the Lord blessed you with.

Oh’the beautiful baby I get to snuggle with and take care of. This is the best blessing! I am loving every moment with my baby boy. A feeling you can’t even describe.

But sometimes the enemy likes to sneak in and steal your peace, kill your joy, and destroy the time the Lords blessed you with.

Lies of the Enemy

The 3 lies I had to really battle with after becoming a new mother…

1. Condemnation! First lie the enemy wants to put in your head is, you have to much dirt on you. You can’t be a mom and raise your kid or even teach other kids when you have so much problems of your own.

First of all that is a complete lie! Don’t believe that for one moment. You are a masterpiece! And we are Gods children, learning and following Jesus’s footsteps. You are loved! And you are fearfully and wonderfully made!

” There is now therefore no condemnation to those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose”

2. Loneliness! The second lie the enemy tried to throw at me, was I was alone. All your friends and church family doesn’t understand. You missed way to much church and haven’t kept up on all your responsibilities you promised to do.

Again completely a lie! You just had a baby, you was in the hospital for days and now your home trying to figure out everything. The Lord knows what your going through and a good reminder is He is our helper! And your church family and friends they love you so much and I know for a fact they understand and want to help and be encouraging to you.

” I will never leave you nor forsake you”

3. Failure! The biggest lie yet is, you can’t do anything right and your just a failure! Can’t be a mom, can be a friend, can be a wife, can’t be a good daughter, and can’t even be a good Christian!

Wow! This was a big lie the enemy hit me with. Completely wrecked me for a few days just to be honest. But then I ran to the Lord my Papa God asking so many questions and needing answers like right away. Went to my spiritual leader and vented and actually threw up words everywhere!

” You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you”

But then I realized I am just a Daughter of the most High! Yes I might make mistakes but, that doesn’t mean for one second the Lord doesn’t want anything to do with me! No, no He has so much patience and mercy. He loves me so much and you!

And He has amazing plans for you and your baby! ( Jer. 29:11)


I started talking things through. And my spiritual mom started talking about the armor of God. ( Eph. 6)

I realized I need my sword!! So I got in the word and started reading out loud all the verses I could find that talks about what God thinks of me. #myswordseries 👈 get yours

My Sword Series: Spiritual Armour

Do you know He has good thought towards you no matter how you feel about yourself.

He loves you so much! Don’t let the enemy lie to you! And definitely don’t fall into hating yourself. Because God truly thinks your amazing! There is absolutely no reason to hate on yourself!

” Whatsoever is lovely and of good report, think on these things!”

You are a wonderful mother!

You are a fantastic daughter!

You are a loving wife!

Your a great friend!

You are a strong Christian!

You are a great Mom!

By Kalley Trick

Find the truth… ignore the lies!

Get your sword and use it!!

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