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It takes God to love God…Have you ever thought about that? Without the Love of God being poured into our hearts we have no ability to love anyone, not others, nor self, not even God!

God is LOVE

Love only Comes from God. God is Love.



The two cannot be separated for they are the same. All else are simply COUNTERFEITS!

It helps no one to judge

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold” Matt. 24:12

We are coming into a time of a heightened divide. Some will experience great blessing and some will fall deeper in pride. It helps no one to judge. Judge not lest ye be judged, and with the same measure.

Some are required to speak and warn, that is not what these instructions are for. There is a difference when you speak for God, or from the ABUNDANCE of your own heart your words pour.

Be certain at this time of which you speak, for the shaking and EXPOSURE will now INCREASE.

Mark those who walk foolishly away, not as peasants but as ORPHANS and Pray. For they know not what FATHER their of, but I am sending a flood of My Love.

We are currently experiencing double portion SIGNS showing up in the funniest of ways! Like in these links, the pics are doubling! By themself!

Out from the Heavens My Spirit will pour, Outpouring of Wisdom oh she’s coming and GRACE even more!

Encourage in Love as you watch and pray for SURELY God is Shifting yet again this Day.


Wisdom Outpouring

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