Breath to Stretch

Breath in the Stretch


As I was praying, the Lord was showing me different postures we take as we walk in obedience to Him. 

The posture of prayer, the posture of bowing, the posture of surrender, the posture of praise, the posture of warfare and there are many more. 

The posture of STRETCHING is what He was elaborating on in my prayer time today.

In the Christian walk the Lord has us in various seasons.  Each of the seasons have a certain position and we must be willing to let the Father literally mold us in these positions as clay. 


There is a sense of being flexible and MALLEABLE.  To get a better understanding of this spiritual picture, the Holy Spirit led me to the definition of MALLEABLE. 

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, meaning 1. Capable of being extended or shaped by beating with a hammer or by the pressure of rollers.  2. Capable of being altered or controlled by outside forces or influences, having a capacity of adaptive change.

Isaiah 64:8 (NLT) And yet, O LORD, you are our Father.  We are the clay, and you are the potter.  We all are formed by your hand.

The Father spoke to me in prayer and said BREATH IN THE STRETCH.  The season of stretching is upon many of us.  You may be called to do things you have never done before or speak to people you may have never dreamed you would be speaking to. 

These actions will take great courage and wisdom.  The season of the STRETCH is upon you.

There is a spiritual as well as a physical stretch.  He showed me physically a picture of a man stretching upward, reaching his hands as far up to the sky as he could. 

This position is uncomfortable, painful at times, and VULNERABLE. 

The uncomfortable and painful I expected to see but the Lord was revealing the VULNERABILITY of this position.  When your hands are raised high you are leaving your ribs, chest, and heart open to possible attack. 

When your hands are raised high and you and you are on your tip toes reaching for that promise with all that is in you, you are barely able to BREATHE.


I do feel the Lord gave me this vision to remind us that in this STRETCHING season the number one thing to remember is to ARMOR UP.  To be aware of the warfare that comes along with the STRETCHING and to simply BREATHE.

Jackie Evans

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One thought on “Stretch

  1. Bonita Dehler says:

    Yay 😃 I was actually stretching this morning giving thanks to the Lord and saying good morning to the Lord 🥰🌈

  2. Karla says:

    I believe I am in this season! Today my study was on the armor and I had some new revelation about it. Stretching is necessary for us to receive the next! Thank you for sharing!

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